Grading papers is a breeze with the eGrader iPhone App. It's so easy use! Move the slider on the left side of the screen to select the total number of problems. A list of wrong answers and grades will appear on the clipboard below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Where do I get the iPhone eGrader App?

A: The eGrader App is available at the Apple App Store

Q:  How do I use the iPhone eGrader App?

A: The eGrader App is very easy to use, simply use the slider control on the left side of the clipboard to select the number of problems you are grading. A list of grades will automatically appear. Scroll through the list to find the grades you need.

Q:  How do I change the settings on the iPhone eGrader App?

A: Tap on the "Settings" button in the upper right hand corner, and chnage a variety of settings, including grade range, decimal placement, color option, and highlight option.

Q:  How do I use the FREE Online eGrader?

A: Simply sign up for a free account here and you can begin using eGrader online FREE of charge immediately.

Q:  My computer crashed, do I have to purchase a new copy of eGrader?

A: No, you do not need to purchase a new copy.  Download the trial version again here and enter your old serial number into the activation box to activate your copy.  If you do not have your old serial number send us a email and we will send it to you.

Q:  I would like to use eGrader on my home computer or laptop, do I need to purchase another license?

A:  No, each copy of eGrader is licensed for 2 installations, your home computer and school computer.  If you need additional installations due to computer failure etc. send us and email and we will increase your activations.

Q:  Do I have to purchase a new license each year for eGrader?

A:  No, you will never have to purchase another license for eGrader 3.0.  One eGrader 3.0 license will last Indefinitely.

Q:  How long does the eGrader free trial last?

A:  Your free trial of eGrader will last for 10 uses before you are asked to purchase a license for $7.95.  If you decide not to purchase the program you can still use the free timer that comes with it.

Q:  I can't see the boxes to enter the number of problems and number of wrong answers.  How do I fix that?

A:  Your font setting may be too large on your desktop.  Try changing the font setting from large to normal on your desktop.  That is probably the problem.  Change it in the display properties window under settings, control panel, appearance and themes and display.

Also, The best screen resolution to use for eGrader is 1024x768.  To change your screen resolution in windows, click on the start button, settings, control panel, appearance and themes, then display.  When you are in the display window, click on settings and change the screen resolution to 1024x768.

Q:  When I try and open eGrader I get an error message.  How do I fix that?

A:  Uninstall and remove the program and try downloading and installing it again.  If that doesn't work please send us an email with the error number you are getting.

Q:  When I try and download eGrader my computer will not allow it?

A:  You may have a firewall set up to protect you from unwanted programs.  Allow your computer to download the program when prompted to do so.

Q:  Is eGrader available for the Mac?

A:  Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have a version of eGrader for the Mac.  We are developing a Mac version to be released soon.

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